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  • The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

    In this day and age, internet marketing is one of the most important methods of marketing simply because of how widely used the internet is. With that said, more than nine-tenths of the time someone goes on the internet, their visit involves the use of a search engine. Unsurprisingly, search engines are a huge part […]

  • Top Five Facts That You Need to Know About SEO Reporting

    Are you using search engine optimization and SEO reporting tools to help your website? Here are some facts that you should probably know about the importance of search engine rankings if you do not know what SEO marketing can be doing for your website. 1. The very first Google doodle, which are the small pictures […]

  • SEO Is on The Rise! Don’t Get Left Behind

    With the power of the internet, and fact that we as consumers and sellers have been completely consumed by this digital age, companies such as Google and other search engines have redefined many aspects of our daily lives. Although within the internet there are many different options for search engines to use when attempting to […]

  • SEO Marketing Can Build Better Business

    Over half of consumers will start their research of a product or a service by using search engines to find more information so that they can make an informed decision. This is much higher than the 24 percent who will visit the website of a company for information, or the 18 percent who will ask […]