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He discusses the reasons for his entry and the subsequent expansion in the asphalt seal coating business in the YouTube video “How I Got Started on The Asphalt Business.”

Dave Strand got started in the business in 1972 when he worked as an understudy/assistant for a rough-around-the-edges asphalt seal coater named Paul. Paul was located in the South, rarely paid much attention to his appearance, and ran his sealcoating company by using an old El Camino equipment.

Paul would go to great measures to obtain the necessary materials needed for the oil-based seal coating. Due to the fact that Paul was an adherent of the old ways the seal coating company was very limited and restricted to callers who’s doors he and Dave were previously knocking on.

After several months of arguing with Paul on the amount of money he earned, Dave Strand finally got the determination to begin his own business of asphalt sealing. It has been a some success, but it took a lot of hard work and dedication. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and Google can pay him for his work.


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