What Its Like to Do Septic Work on an Internship – Cleveland Internships

Public access is available to the city’s sewer treatment facilities. It is necessary to have a septic tank for those who don’t have access to a sewer treatment system. They can then remove harmful bacteria before sending the waste water to an in-ground toilet tank.

It’s designed to remove solid waste from the wastewater. It then settles in the form of sludge that is deposited on the floor of the tank. It forms a layer of scum, light fat and oil wastes float above.

To understand how a septic tank operates, just consider that its function is to isolate the solid waste from the wastewater that is discharged into the tank. The solid waste is then deposited on the bottom as sludge. The light grease- and oil-based waste is floats above.

The middle water has nitrogen and phosphorus that can be used to fertilize.

The informational video below from The Desert Echo explains how interns at a contractor for Septic pumps operate.


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