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SEO news can help to keep you up to date on emerging trends in internet marketing. Nearly 60% of internet users will begin their search for a product with a search engine, much more than any other venue. This makes search engine rankings an extremely important aspect of your internet presence. This is even more true now that mobile ecommerce facilitated by tablets and smart phones is allowing people to shop on the internet anywhere at any time. Nearly half of mobile internet users will look up product reviews and other information with their device and 65% of mobile internet users will use their device to find local businesses for purchases. You must be visible to these people.

Google is the largest and most influential of the search engines, makings its PageRank search algorithm (named after Google cofounder Larry Page) the most important for internet advertizing purposes. Google’s first Tweet was binary code for “I’m feeling lucky”. If you want to feel lucky on the internet, you will need to have content on your website that works well with Google’s search methodology. SEO news can help you to stay up to date on marketing strategies that work well with Google and other search engines.

In addition to following SEO news, outsourcing some of your marketing, especially internet marketing, to a specialist that understands the nuances of working with Google and other search engines can help you to succeed on the internet. The internet is a very powerful marketing medium, but it can take a long time to master and to succeed on. A professional SEO content creator or other internet marketing firm can take you a lot farther in a shorter period of time than just reading SEO news. However, combining your own work with that of an advertiser can be a fast and cost effective way of creating an internet marketing campaign.

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