Ultimate Guide to Power Connectors – Blog Author

There are many connectors for power that you might not even know the majority of these. There are many common electrical connectors which you may have not seen before, and you can use them in your house and in schools. Perhaps you’re interested in knowing more about different power connectors. There are numerous different power connectors, ranging from NEMA as well as IEC including C20 cables for power. These are commonly utilized in home and office spaces along with data centers.

IEC connectors are outlets or inlet connectors which use a number system. Odd numbers are the outlets while even numbers refer to the inlets. This helps you remember the outlets more easily.

NEMA connectors differ. A lot of older wall outlets found in office buildings and homes have 1-15 outlets. They’re the ones that have two prong connections, while the 5-15 outlets are the three prong connections present on wall outlets that have been grounded. The 5-15 outlets look very like their counterparts, and come with three prong connectors. The 5-20 outlets have a horizontal blade, which is able to take on higher amps.

For more information about power connections and figure the ones that you might have in your home Watch this complete video.


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