The Truth Behind Amish Furniture – Skyline Newspaper

According to the company that they represent, the Amish have a similarity to other religious groups , with differing views and different sects within the Amish church. The company also states that within their business Amish furniture artisans are authorized by their Bishop to use electricity to power their tools while creating every piece.

It could mean modernization or automated construction. Techniques employed by techniques used by the Amish. This is false because Amish crafters spend a lot of time on every piece of furniture regardless of whether they use electricity. They also examine the construction process throughout in order to be sure that joints are secure and that the quality is high. The Amish craftsmen are committed to high quality, integrity and hard work, even if they are using electricity.

In addition, as the Co-Founder of Dutch Crafters, Jim Miller is carrying his Mennonite Amish ancestor’s values with in the management of the company. Beth Rice assures the viewer that the Amish furniture remains the beautiful and long-lasting classic Amish furniture you and your family been awed by.


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