The Differences Between PEX and Copper Piping – Andre Blog

In-trends. In the past, Copper piping and CPVC pipes have always been the most popular options. Technological advances are disruptive the market with the introduction of an entirely new type of player. In this video, we will discuss what the main differences are between traditional copper and PEX piping. It may be time to speak with your commercial plumbing expert about PEX pipes.

Copper pipes are a fantastic choice. Copper piping lasts for the longest time. This longevity, however, is not without cost. The system is not flexible. It needs a special fit to be able to switch directions. There are two different types of fighting copper. There are two forms of copper-fighting: Type L and Type M. Type L piping is more robust which is best for sub-floor or underground constructions. Type M pipe, in contrast, is ideal for your walls.

The new entrant to the industry is PEX piping. PEX pipe is claimed to have the same lifespan as copper pipes. Flexible, it is more user-friendly and less costly. You can even opt for simple push-to-connect fittings for PEX piping. The PEX pipe isn’t UV-resistant so it should be placed in the direct light.


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