Repairing and Removing Scratches On Stainless Steel – This Week Magazine

lso durable, making it the perfect choice to use for kitchen appliances. However, it’s susceptible to scratches which ruin its appearance. This video provides an illustration of the steps to conduct a stainless steel repair in your the home.

Individuals can use specially made cleaners that buff stainless steel lightly to eliminate scratches that are thin. Manufacturers of appliances offer stainless steel repair cleaners. These cleaners are available at the local stores for home improvement. Make use of stainless-steel polish in order to conceal any minor scratches. It is important to apply the polish frequently to preserve the appearance of the appliances.

Use sandpaper to remove deep scratches. Utilize it in conjunction with the rubbing tool. Get started on the process of steel repair by scraping away the scratch and then blend them in. Set the grain direction and then sand only one direction. Do not sand backwards or towards the grain.

Use a coarse-grit paper when the scratch is very intense. Follow up with a finer-grit paper and complete the job with a rub compound. This technique works well on sheets of stainless steel. Sanding should not be used for stainless steel panels that are simulated or coated by fingerprint-immunising paints.

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