Quartz v. Granite Slabs – Awkward Family Photos

There are several patterns and colors that are available for ls. There are a few key differentiators, however. The video below explains the differences between granite and quartz.

It’s the first step. The origin of the rock is what distinguishes it from other stones. Quartz, a mineral very similar to sand is called. For the creation of a quartz slab, granules are amalgamated with resins as well as polymers before being compressed into the form of a solid slab. Quartz can also be referred to for its engineered stones.

Granite is a naturally occurring stone. Granite develops when magma rocks and lava cool and then solidify. The designs and patterns on each granite slab are distinct in the specific slab.

The other difference is in the porosity. Granite , as well as all natural stones have more porosity than quartz. Granite countertops should be stained frequently to keep their water resistance and stain-resistant. It is not necessary to seal quartz as it is impervious to water by nature.

Quartz needs less care than granite. Both materials match price-wise. Your lifestyle will determine what you decide to choose. Watch this video for more details.


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