Local Siding Services Installation Guide – NC Pool Supply

our house plays a vital role in its final aesthetic design, and it is important to have the siding company you hire to do an excellent job. It is possible to see what siding looks like by watching the Youtube video “HardiePlank lapsiding installation Video”. Let’s learn more.

The lap siding shown in the video isn’t able to be put up in a hurry. It is necessary to have a starter strip before you can add the first section of siding. Without it, it will not be set at the right angles and the drip edge won’t sit in an optimal position. These starter strips can be made of pieces of siding that are attached to the sheathing or bottom of the mud sill.

It should be placed over the above the weather barrier, but you should allow a couple of gaps to let the moisture that’s accumulated below drain. The next step is to put up the initial course in lap siding. It is the primary step of the entire process. It should be located at the very bottom of your house.

To learn more about siding services available in your neighborhood You can watch all of the footage.


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