Legal Careers to Pursue With a General Law Degree – Law Terminology

Opinions on mental or physical health. They work for the state as well as other private companies in order to advocate for customers, negotiate contracts for the service providers and also address the social issues faced by people with a vulnerability. It is essential that you possess a bachelor’s degree in law general before making an application for a position as a social worker.

Mediators or arbitrators act as third parties in legal dispute between two parties. The parties can agree regarding the options they wish to pursue. Mediation is cheaper than traditional litigation , and it can reduce costs. Mediators may have to solve conflict between family members, disputes in the workplace family matters, divorce, custody disputes, landlord and tenant disagreements as well as intellectual property rights agreements, fraud, consumer complaints, and workers’ compensation cases.

Compliance Officer

The most effective compliance officers collaborate with internal auditors and investigators to ensure compliance with state and company laws. The ideal candidate will have the legal understanding to handle audits with lawyers and accountants. Any potential violations must be discovered and corrective steps taken to ensure compliance are not a issue.

Real Estate Agent

The agent for real estate sells homes, houses, condominiums flats, apartments, commercial property, and vacant lots depending on location and price. The real estate agent works directly with buyers and sellers as well as brokers, title insurers and mortgage underwriters. They also cooperate with homeowners, home inspectors and house inspectors to schedule inspections as well as negotiate deals on sales and mortgages. Real estate is a complex area that requires a great deal of paperwork, it is important to understand legal issues.

Legislative Assistant

Legislative assistants’ role plays a crucial role in the process of legislating. Helping legislators with analyses, research and suggestions, in addition to drafting and communicating legislation and are an invaluable resource.


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