Interesting Facts About Minecraft Trees – Tech Talk Radio Show

greatest of all. In fact, it essentially developed the sandbox style of games. Wood is an essential component of building this game. There are a variety of species of trees that can be cut down and utilized for building a simple house. Planks of these trees may even be used as flooring made of hardwood. In this video, we will share numerous interesting details about Minecraft’s trees.

At first, the trees of Minecraft did not drop logs. They dropped between three and five planks. There was no crafting required. One of the most unusual aspects of the early Minecraft trees was the lime green leaves. This is because biomes had not yet been integrated into the game.

There are many more trees than are available within the present Minecraft version. There was a Chery Blossom trees were known to be talked over by Minecraft developers. But, it’s not made it into Minecraft even to this moment. Also, there were huge trees in the beginning of Minecraft. The trees, massive in their size ended up being destroyed due to an unknown cause.

Dark Oak Trees were known to have once dropped in the form of a roofed oak tree, but changed into dark oak. The trees also produced oak leaves to replace leaves of dark oak.


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