Increasing Your Marketing Effectiveness

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Even though Google knows how to have fun with their Google doodles, they know that the market supports their efforts wholeheartedly. Statistically, a full 98 percent of adults with internet access perform at least one search daily. Knowing that, you can capture just a portion of that search traffic to influence your lead generation. Since google dominates the search engine market with 65 to 70 percent of the market share, you should look at your search engine rankings to understand what opportunities you have for increased traffic and conversions.

Your business always has the ability to increase sales interest and online conversions as part of your marketing strategy. In order to find the most efficient ways to attract site visitors, you should test various tactics and programs to get the greatest return. For example, you can use search engine optimization, pay per click ads, and SEO blogs to increase your traffic and search engine rankings over time.

While customers from across different industries might respond differently to each strategy, you should test a variety of marketing campaigns to find your best returns. The best marketing programs for one business may not work for a different business. When looking at marketing ideas, it helps to baseline your existing marketing strategy. For example, it helps to track how often you use social media or send customer newsletters, and if they create conversions or boost your search engine rankings.

When you find out what creates positive traction in your current business efforts, see how you can further increase the effectiveness. Then, as you have adapted the best of your current activities, see how you can leverage it for another method or campaign. Articles and blog posts that are part of your SEO campaign can be incorporated into an opt in email campaign for your prospects. Online marketing experts tend to preach the benefits of engaging prospects and customers in a drip marketing campaign where you send them communications on an ongoing basis until they request that you stop.

Another way to increase your return on marketing is to better focus any communications by business niche. By using your client list, you can begin to segment it out by frequency of purchase or transaction size. Those that purchase frequently should get a different email or newsletter than those that purchase less often. Also, you should send a different message to those that you are trying to reactivate. By studying all of your marketing efforts, the little changes will begin to add up.

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