How to Store Your Drill Pipes – Concordia Research

The proper care for your drill pipe will save you money by not replacement as a result of irreparable harm resulting of neglect. Rhino storage system is the most effective.

Pipe chocks are an excellent option to avoid your drill pipes colliding or loosing during transport and storage. Pipe chocks made from heavy-duty polyethylene and specifically designed to hold your drill pipes in a steady location while they rest are essentially a set of robust wedges. You are able to easily install and take off pipe chocks based upon your requirements.

Additionally, it is recommended that you put thread protectors in the ends of your pipes for more storage. Protect your drill pipe’s metal threads by installing thread protectors made from plastic or steel. These damage can be caused through corrosion, improper handling and metal-to–metal friction. By installing bumper rings, linings, and coatings also give protection for your pipes through preventing both inner and external corrosion due to the environmental conditions.


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