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All of your income could, for instance, be identified as the income earned by only one partner. Couples will be able to determine the percentage of income from each spouse that goes into the budget for the household.

There is a sense of responsibility shared as you blend your income with costs. You will be motivated to work together and stick with your budget if you respect each other as one of the members of the team.

Costs that are separated

There’s no doubt about it that not all couples would agree to split their expenses as well as their income. That doesn’t mean that you’re not in great relationship. This is just a sign that there could be some differences between your principles and methods of managing money. If you’re looking to make your budget achievable, it’s sensible to divide your costs into separate categories.

It is possible to agree upon boundaries to help you stick to your budget. Your expenses can be divided in two parts: ‘Yours” and “Theirs. One person could pay the mortgage, while another will be responsible for house charges. In addition, individual expenses like car insurance and personal debts must be paid in separate installments. Your partner may not agree the personal car insurance you purchase should be a shared expense. Instead, you should cover the cost separately.

Couples may agree to a proportional budget allocations for both the partners. The one partner may have 30 percent of their revenue allotted to the budget while the other can allocate 40%. These proportions depend on many factors such as how much earnings each person earns, and the responsibilities each is responsible for.

The advantage of separating expenses is of giving you a sense of control. In the case of couples who have different spending habits and values This method is a good one.

Keep your finances open book

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