How to Replace Your Vehicles Headliner – 1302 Super

The liner may get filthy. It is prone to becoming ripped and worn out from wear and use. The car might appear nice on the outside, but your headliner may be stained or filthy. If you’re in search of easy replacement tips making the effort to ensure that you follow these suggestions can allow you to get your headliner back looking great.

For access to your headliner, you will first need to remove the trim. In order to make it easier to reconnect the pieces in place, you’ll need an empty bowl or cup. The first step is to take out the handles and the trim which could be located around the lights , or it could also be around the different parts in the ceiling. Once you’ve removed the trim, it is possible to remove the entire headliner from the vehicle. Next, remove the cover off , and rebuild it. After that, take off any remaining foam off the headliner. Put onto a brand new cover.


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