How to Protect Your Business From Cyber Security Threats – Small Business Magazine

There is a way to be involved in every business you want to be in anywhere around the globe. It’s a terrifying prospect to consider. It gets even worse when you consider that even a singular hacker can have thousands of computer bots at their command to use automated processes to break into companies that are not aware of it. Some estimates suggest that about half of all web traffic is created by bots. There is a good chance that you could be the next victim. In fact, it is almost guaranteed that it will occur at some point. You need to prepare to defend yourself from cyber-security threats.

Utilize unique passwords to ensure security. You want to use various passwords to protect your business than you use elsewhere across the web. It is possible for hackers to gain access to all of your passwords if they are all identical. It is therefore essential to have unique passwords. This isn’t good enough. There is no need to possess a single word password and a few numbers. But, that is no more the case. Hackers are getting better at cracking passwords. Now, it’s recommended you come up with a password rather than. It can be a string of a few short words with some numbers or characters included. This could be a major variation.


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