How to Prep for a Tub Refinishing – Melrose Painting

If you are planning to refinish your tub, it is essential to ensure you are sure that the exterior of the tub is properly prepared. If not, you risk ruining the procedure and also wasting both time and money. One of the first things you must make when you are preparing to finish your tub is to eliminate all objects. If you have soap bottles or razors lying on the edge, put them away in a secure place until cleaning. After clearing the tub area, it’s time to get rid of the grime.

It is important to keep in mind that not every stain can be eliminated. You can do it. It is the primary concern to clean your tub from the foreign material. This includes soap scum, the bathing oils, the grime, the bath-bomb glitter, and so on. Be sure to get the area around the drain as clean as possible The grime is likely to get there first. After you’re certain you’ve cleared the problem places as many times as possible, wipe off the tub using the help of paper towels. When the tub is dried it is now time to sand it and then glaze it.

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