How To Be An SEO Reseller In Just 5 Steps

5 steps to seo reselling

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming one of the most effective marketing strategies of the century, inspiring a number of individuals and companies alike to venture into the world of digital marketing. Being an SEO reseller takes time and effort to master; here is how to be an SEO reseller in 5 steps.

  1. Know Thy Search Engine:
    Up to 93% of online experiences start with a search engine query and up to 61% of internet users around the globe use search engines to research products and services. With over 100 billion global searches each month, it makes sense that internet searches are the number one driver of internet traffic towards websites.
  2. Mastering Inbound Leads:
    Many traditional forms of advertising broadcasts the product or service to a spectrum of consumers, netting a close rate of just 1.7%. Inbound leads, like SEO, have a 14.6% close rate and cost up to 61% less than outbound leads. SEO only attracts the customers who are genuinely interested in the advertised product, thereby making it a more effective form of marketing.
  3. Generate Creative Content:
    By and large, the greatest challenge for novice SEO resellers is generating high-quality leads. Since up to 80% of users actually ignore paid advertisements on websites, organic creative content provides readers with information that can help lead them to client’s webpages.
  4. Don’t Settle For Second Best:
    It is a fact that 75% of internet users never scroll past the first page of an internet search. The top listing in Google’s organic search results gains 33% of the traffic while the second only receives 18% and the third receives even less. If you aren’t first, then you’re missing out on customers.
  5. Finding an SEO Reseller Program to Suit Your Client’s Needs:
    While anyone can be an SEO reseller in 5 steps, to be a truly good reseller is to master the field. Outsourcing SEO or joining in an SEO reseller program can bolster your digital marketing prowess, which can help both you and your clients grow. If you’re ready to take SEO to the next level, consider joining in an SEO reseller program and give your clients the results they deserve.

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