How Much Cash For My Junk Car Would I Get? – Car Talk Credits

These are the basic guidelines that determine the amount of money you’ll be able to get. The amount you receive will be based on how much scrap metal you’ve got and also how large the car is. If the vehicle has engines, it will increase the cash for scrap car you get. The next step is to determine if the parts can be offered separately at an additional price.

One example of the differences between a car equipped with an engine and one with no engine is that the car that has an engine could cost $11.50 for a hundred pounds with no engine the car is $9.50 without an engine.

The tires on the car may be of value, based on the tread. The tread can be split when they’re stuffed with tread and make more. If they’re near fresh tread, you may earn close to $50 for each tire. Alternators can fetch close to 60 dollars. It could be offered for sale through a website or utilized for a different project.

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