How is Residential Roofing Installed? – Work Flow Management

g how residential roofing is how residential roofing is installed. Read on to learn the parts of a comprehensive roofing system.

Leak barriers that are high-performance need to be installed. In order to provide waterproofing in addition, these are installed at chimneys and eaves.

Roof deck protection can be provided as an added option. It keeps your roof dry and also prevents the storm-driven rains from getting underneath.

The next step is to install the drip edges of a steel after the protection of the roof deck has been installed. This helps keep water from leaking onto your roof’s edges and helps to protect it.

Following are starter strips. They are positioned at the roof’s eaves and have adhesive which locks the initial row of shingles into the correct position.

We are now ready for the shingles. It is the final layer of protection on your roof.

Even though you shouldn’t do installing a roof on your own but it’s an excellent option to possess a general understanding. To learn more about the various components that make up a comprehensive roofing system, take a look at this video!


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