How Do Volumetric Concrete Mixers Work? – Madison County Library

You decide if you want to or not.

Volumetric mixers

Harold Zimmerman invented a mixer that held sand, stone, cement, and water, and then mix them separately in the field. This mixer offers many advantages for the employees and you. Powder remains dry until the time it’s needed. The powder doesn’t need to be sat in traffic jams while the concrete cures within your back.

The technology of volumetric mixers has been proven.

Zimmerman invented the very first volumetric mixing device back in 1965. They are an energy-efficient alternative for drum-mixers. They can mix different types of concrete with the same substance. If needed, the user can programme the computer to determine the quantitytric concrete delivery formula.

Customers also have the option of using volumetric mixers, which are less expensive. The concrete components remain distinct and can only be mixed on-site. Customers are charged only for the concrete they pour.

We hope you will find this information useful regarding concrete mixers that are volumetric and their application in construction.


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