How Do Bailbonds Work? – GA Short Sale Team

It was not possible to cover it. This is actually the bail bondsman who makes the payment for the person who is accused of a crime.

A portion of the bail amount is also paid by the defendant to the bail bondsman. The payment of 10% is not refundable. A collateral is also required by the bondsman who is used to protect the bond.

Understanding Bailbonds

The bail bond business also uses the term “surety bonds. Bail is the amount an accused person puts in to be out of jail prior to the trial.

If the defendant puts up bail, he or is required to appear before the court and complies with terms of the release. Of course, the bail will be reimbursed. The entire amount of the bond could also be forfeited if the defendant does not show up in the court.

Bailbond Process

The bail bondsman will be contacted following the setting of bail. The bail bond agents are called bail bond agents and have to require the defendant (or the relative) to settle the bail amount.

It’s usually generally 10%. When the bondman has received the money, he can start the process of release. The bond agent will also secure the remainder of bail money, along with collateral.

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