Furnace Maintenance Explained – Remodeling Magazine

Pipes that are frozen can lead to amage.

It is important to be aware of furnace maintenance when you’re new to homeownership. The following video can help you understand how to take care of maintenance on your furnace , and the reasons behind it. The first step is to become familiar with your furnace type. Does your furnace burn natural gas, natural oil and propane, or wood? Is your furnace running entirely on electricity? Based on the type of fuel you use, you may need more or less maintenance.

For example, electric furnaces need very little maintenance compared to wood-burning furnaces. Electric furnaces release steam, but they won’t generate creosote, ash or. Wood-burning furnaces require frequent maintenance of the chimney and firebox to make sure they’re operating effectively as well as to make sure your home doesn’t come in danger of catching a fire in the chimney.

A HVAC expert should be sought out should you be concerned regarding the gap in time between your last furnace service to the present. They can ensure that the furnace functions properly and in a secure manner. cj9rapxhlq.

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