Cooling Towers How Do They Work? – E-Library

. Their operation is quite easy. The initial step is to move hot water from the outside into the cooling tower and then spray it into the tower. This is known as a fill. This allows water to spread onto a bigger surface and to cool faster. Water evaporates when it moves down the to fill. The water then flows to the bottom of the tank, where the water is cooling. This cool water flows through the entire process.

Counterblow is the most popular form in cooling towers. It has two fills on either side that of the building. The fill on the top is more high than the one on the bottom. Water travels up to the top and through the bottom. As it passes through each of the fills, the water gets cooled. After that, the water returns to the system.

Cross flow is yet another kind of cooling tower. This model has just one fill. The spray of water covers all of the tower. The water is circulated throughout the fill to cool it. It is then collected and then circulated. 2hefd855qr.

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