Check Out These Video Games Set to Release in 2023! – SCHUMM

The Year of Games is upon us, with many highly anticipated titles making their debut. This year’s games are bound to delight all, no matter what console or PC you play.

One of the best-loved Nintendo sagas is coming back next year featuring improved graphics and improved mechanics. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is the latest installment of The Legend of Zelda saga, a game featuring everything that was outstanding in its prequel but improving certain aspects.

Dead Island 2 is yet another long-awaited saga that rises from the grave. The high-speed zombie shooter is going to offer next-gen graphics, as well as familiar controls from Dead Island games. However, those who prefer the feel of a classic experience will get something to enjoy next year as the Wolf of us all is back in a brand-new sequel.

There are a myriad of upcoming titles that attract the attention of the majority of gamers as they appear and feel as if they are the next generations of games.


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