Caulk Your Cabin Like This! – Family Reading

e a log home? Log home designs are stunning, but can be a source trouble if not well maintained. The logs could become twisty and compromised by moisture with time. It can result in structural damages if left unchecked. In this video we will show you how you can caulk your chinkless log in your home.

The first thing you’ll need is log cabin caulk as well as one gun for caulking. The spacing and size of logs could affect the design of the tip and the nozzle. After you’ve gathered your supplies and caulk them at a 45-degree angle. The gaps between logs by caulking. The video in this article shows how high-end caulk will be more durable and have less air bubbles. Indeed, the man in the video has had premium caulk last up to twenty years! The process isn’t much else. If you think caulking is too challenging, call specialists for help with cleaning and maintenance.


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