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They are sold OTC, but it’s recommended to visit an auditorologist.

Hearing loss happens when the nerves in the inner ears and the cells within them have been damaged. The condition cannot be addressed medically or surgically, however it is possible to treat through hearing aids. Obstructions of the middle and outer ear, such as the growth of wax or tumors, may cause hearing loss. The treatment for these issues is medical.

Get familiar with the various of the terms associated with hearing aids, for example, digital and analog aids behind-the-ear, amplifiers for the in-canal, audiogram, frequency, as well as the severity of hearing loss and many more, prior to seeing an auditorologist.

A common question is “Will hearing aids lead to my loss of hearing?” No, they won’t make hearing worse. Hearing aids are covered by their manufacturers. You are advised to only purchase hearing aids that are fit properly. The most frequent fear of hearing aids being thrown out. If they’re not correctly inserted, hearing aids can be easily ripped out.

Audiologist may conduct hearing tests to identify which aid is best to suit your needs. Book an appointment as soon as possible and start living a better life.


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