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  • The Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

    In this day and age, internet marketing is one of the most important methods of marketing simply because of how widely used the internet is. With that said, more than nine-tenths of the time someone goes on the internet, their visit involves the use of a search engine. Unsurprisingly, search engines are a huge part […]

  • What Real Marketing Looks Like

    Online marketing has, in the past few years, become the most important form of marketing. One reason why online marketing is so important is because companies have a lot higher capability to shape the nature of the message in ways that they might otherwise not be able to do. Ever since 1998, Google has been […]

  • SEO Marketing Can Build Better Business

    Over half of consumers will start their research of a product or a service by using search engines to find more information so that they can make an informed decision. This is much higher than the 24 percent who will visit the website of a company for information, or the 18 percent who will ask […]